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Surgery Facilities

Whether receiving surgical care on the main campus or at the CVPH Health Plaza Kevin J. Carroll Ambulatory Care Center, patients enjoy the finest facilities that perfectly blend high tech with high touch in order to achieve outstanding clinical outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Main Campus Surgical Facilities

A new 9-suite Surgery Department opened at the main campus in October 2008. By the following summer renovation of the former operating rooms and recovery were completed. The final product provides superior facilities for staff, patients and their families.

Everything is housed in one large area on the second floor. Patients arrive in a beautiful waiting area overlooking the front lobby. They pass through a door and are in the Pre-Operative Area where staff prepares them for their surgery. Rooms are private and family members are encouraged to be with them right up to being wheeled into the operating theater.

The surgical suites themselves are spacious, well equipped and designed for safety and efficiency. Following surgery patients are recovered in the adjacent Post Anesthesia Care Unit, sort of an Intensive Care just for surgery patients and staffed by nurses who specialize in this critically important process. From Post Anesthesia Care patients are either admitted to an inpatient unit or transition back to the Pre-Operative Area prior to discharge home.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

The Kevin J. Carroll Ambulatory Surgery Center opened in 1999 within the CVPH Health Plaza on Plaza Boulevard across from Hannaford's. From the day it opened people loved the facility for a variety of reasons. There's great parking, up close. Walk through the front door and you're right where you need to be to sign in. The waiting area is spacious. Everything typically runs on schedule because there are no emergency procedures to take precedent. The Center itself is bright, roomy and very "non-hospital like." Everyone having surgery ends up going home after surgery.

Pre-operative preparation is provided with the desired privacy. Procedure rooms are large and well equipped. The recovery area allows staff to monitor progress and provide the education and home-care requisites for patients and their family members. From there patients exit a special door that affords them immediate access to their vehicle and a ride home.

The Center is well designed for customer convenience and satisfaction.